TikTok for business is no longer a consideration but an expectation. With over 1 billion users across more than 150 countries, it has transformed the way brands interact with consumers. The app has had a profound impact on modern culture and trends. It’s marketing with a snazzy, new design. Effectively implementing a TikTok management plan into your 2023 marketing strategy will help boost your brand visibility and engagement.

Don’t know where to start? No stress! With built-in technology to guide you through recording, editing and publishing, TikTok management is easy!

5 tips to improve your TikTok management:

1. Create original content

In a saturated market, creating original content is imperative to successful TikTok management. TikTok thrives on videos that are personalized, helpful and entertaining. Product how-to’s and tutorials are a great way to practically engage with your audience. Show off your ‘behind the scenes’ with employee takeovers and office tours. Whatever you choose to create, it’s important not to compromise on your brand voice. TikTok should be an extension of personality, providing viewers with valuable content. Brand driven and original content will help you attract relevant followers, cultivating subcultures niche to your image.

2. Hashtags and challenges

Have you been playing the same line of lyrics in your head over and over for the past week? It was probably a #tiktoksound. TikTok has an unbridled ability to make content go viral. Tapping into trending challenges and hashtags will help your brand reach the masses.

Hashtags can amplify your TikTok management threefold - they help match content to interested users, they categorize videos and they identify trends. Jumping on trending hashtags to popularize your content can help expand reach. Adapting these hashtags to your brand voice can be an effective way to increase brand awareness. Blending this with brand specific tags, specifically for your sub-community, ensures your content is reaching the right people. Regardless of what path you take, use hashtags that make sense for your brand - it’ll help boost your SEO too! Use your keyword research to integrate specific words and phrases into your captions and hashtags.This will help better your TikTok management by boosting your content to interested viewers.

TikTok challenges are videos of a specific action or task that people are encouraged to recreate. They might include showing off a talent, sampling a product, using a filter, learning a dance or lip syncing over the latest sound. Your TikTok management might include partnering with a creator to promote your brand and increase authenticity. Challenges help stimulate discussion and viewer interaction. They can be a great way to gain user-generated content due to their ‘call-and-response’ nature. Participating in TikTok challenges is an easy way to increase content quantity. Challenges can also be a great way to get your employees involved, giving a face to your brand.

You don’t just have to use hashtags and challenges to contribute to viral trends. Creating your own, brand relevant versions can help your content reach the right people. 61% of TikTokers prefer brands that create and participate in trends.

3. Utilize built-in editing features

TikTok is a one stop shop when it comes to producing and editing content, making TikTok management easier. The app’s built-in features cover everything from adding music and effects, to cutting and stitching videos. Located on the recording screen, the editing toolbar is easy to access and use. What’s even better? It automatically generates trending music and effects to add to your recording, sending your content directly into the viral thread. Streamlining your content creation and publication through one app will help make your TikTok management simple.

4. Post frequently and consistently

Like most social media platforms, TikTok rewards activity. The more you post, the more the algorithm will show your content. But remember - the best TikTok management doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

Start by researching your target audience. What days are they using the app? What times are they online? How often do they use the platform throughout the day? This data will give you the information you need to schedule your posts. As a baseline, TikTok recommends posting 1-4 times daily.

The best way to ensure you remain frequent and consistent with your TikTok posting is to create a content calendar (and actually use it). Break down each week with the day, time and type of content you want to post. After you’ve stuck to your schedule for a month, use TikTok’s metrics to tweak and review your strategy for ultimate success. Due to the high trend turnover, TikTok is constantly evolving and in turn, so should your social media strategy.

5 Tips for a Better TikTok Management

5. Engage with your audience

So, you’ve done the first 4 steps but are still struggling to use TikTok management to thrive in the TikTok algorithm? Engaging with followers and other users is the key. In addition to engagement metrics such as likes and follows, TikTok gathers microdata on viewer behaviors every few seconds. A viewer simply pausing or re-watching your video helps move you onto their ‘for you’ feed, regardless of whether they follow you. In addition, TikTok hosts ample active engagement opportunities, including:

  • Receiving and responding to comments
  • Enabling the duet feature on videos to encourage user generated content
  • The ability to go ‘live’ and have real-time interactions with users

Engaging with your audience helps build trust, making them more receptive to your marketing and increasing loyalty.

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