Email subscribers are the fine wine of the marketing world. They are the money of a successful marketing strategy. And they’re the people you can rely on when the going gets tough.

Corny sayings aside, having a strong email list is a valuable asset for businesses and marketers. It builds a direct communication channel with customers, facilitates personalization and has been shown to achieve higher conversion rates. Plus, it’s extremely cost-effective generating $42 for every $1 spent. If that’s not enough to get your emails into gear - we don’t know what will.

This article provides an actionable how-to for boosting your email subscribers list and gaining better leads. Read on!

Tips and tricks to gain more email subscribers

1. Create valuable content

You’ve probably heard the saying, it’s a give and take. Getting email subscribers is no different. The key to giving is creating valuable content. Your content should be relevant, informative and engaging. By establishing a sense of value with your subscribers, they’ll look forward to your logo in their inbox every time it lands. A common way to indulge your subscribers is through exclusive content and private promotions. It might only be 10% off, but it’s an easy way to make people feel that subscribing to your emails was an great choice.

2. Optimize sign-up forms

Your sign-up form is how you’ll collect email addresses from future subscribers. There are several ways to optimize your sign-up forms to gain maximum conversions.

  • Keep it simple: the more fields you ask a customer to fill in, the less likely they are to subscribe. All you really need for an email subscriber is their name and email. You can always ask for more once they’ve subscribed!
  • Make it visually appealing: humans have an innate trust of beautiful things - and your email sign up design is no different. Take the time to craft a visually appealing sign up form with eye-catching graphics and aesthetic fonts.
  • Play with placement: test where on your website is the best place for your subscriber form. Try it at the top, middle, bottom and in pop-ups to see what works for you.
  • Offer value: getting a new email subscriber is a transaction. As a rule of thumb you need to ask for the fewest details and give as much as possible in return.

3. Use social media to promote your list

If someone found you on social media, it’s pretty likely they’d be keen for an email too. The only difference is on social media, you have to ask someone to become an email subscriber - without it feeling like spam.

How do you do that? Provide value.

Instead of just asking someone to sign up to emails out of the blue, offer them content that’s purely value. It can be a how-to video, an exclusive discount code or a list of tips and tricks. Once a person is hooked, anchor them with an email pitch as a way to get more valuable content.

4. Encourage referrals and sharing

Use your current email subscribers as a trampoline to get more.

How? By incentivizing them to send your email to their family and friends. Social connections like this are an established network of trust. Try offering exclusive content or promotions to people who refer others to your list. It might be a $10 voucher for every person referred or early access to your next sale.

5. Use lead magnets

Lead magnets are the true magic of gaining email subscribers. They’re offers of exclusive content in exchange for an action - such as signing up to your email newsletter. Why do they work so well? Here’s our top three reasons:

  1. Tangible exchange: lead magnets give people a clear reason to subscribe. Whether it’s a downloadable PDF, discount or video - people know the value of giving their email.
  2. They’re targeted: effective lead magnets don’t just promote a generic offering - they give bonuses specific to what someone is interested in. Tailoring content is a great way to increase conversions and establish authority.
  3. Qualified visitors: people compelled to sign up for your lead magnet are invaluable subscribers. They’ve immediately shown interest in a specific product or offering - opening the door for you to follow up with targeted offers.

With benefits coming out their ears, the best part about lead magnets is they don’t have to be complex or difficult. They just have to be VALUABLE. Here’s some quick tips to enhance your lead magnets:

  • Make sure they’re relevant - if it doesn’t immediately provide value to a person, they’ll scroll on by.
  • Don’t be generic - if there’s one thing digital marketing has no time for, it’s blanket statements. Having several niche lead magnets for several niche segments is going to yield far better results than a one-size-fits-all.
  • Think value - how many times have you heard the word value so far? But it’s so important - we’ll do it again. Jam pack your lead magnets with as much interesting and actionable information people think it’s worth paying for.
  • Mission alignment - the most powerful lead magnets stay in line with your business goals. The more lead magnets you make for each buyer persona - the higher the chance of boosting your email subscribers.

6. Make your communication consistent and targeted

Email Subscribers: 6 Strategies to Boost Your Listse

Having regular communication with your email subscribers will help keep your brand top-of-mind. It’s a great way to boost trust and loyalty. Providing subscribers with promotions, discounts and exclusive content will help them feel appreciated.

To level-up your email efforts, segment your email lists and provide targeted content. Delivering relevant content to specific groups of subscribers can increase their perceived value of your brand. It shows you’re interested in more than their money and understand their needs and interests.

There you have it! 6 easy ways to tweak your email efforts to increase your conversions. Remember - providing value is the key to growing your email list. Make your content relevant and targeted for the greatest return. Implement these tips into your strategy today and start to see awesome results in your email marketing efforts!

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