If there’s one thing that defines modern marketing it’s the growth of digital marketing. An explosion of new technology and 24/7 touchpoints are changing the way businesses interact with consumers. With the shift to an online world, digital marketing agencies are filling a need for brands everywhere. And whether you’re new to the industry or an established player, knowing how to find clients for your digital marketing agency is integral to long-term growth and success.

This guide will pave the way in helping you gain clients across a myriad of marketing avenues. Dive in as we unpack 5 strategies on how to find clients for your digital marketing agency.

5 strategies on how to find clients for your digital marketing agency

1. Referral marketing

If there’s one great way to find new customers, it’s through your existing ones. That’s where referral marketing comes in. Referral marketing is when you encourage your customers to recommend your business to their social circle in exchange for a reward. Why is it so effective? Here’s a few reasons:

  • Cost effective - other than factoring in a reward program for referrers such as discounts or exclusive content, referral marketing has very few upfront costs.
  • High conversion rate - referral marketing means customers are getting personalized recommendations from the people they trust the most. It makes them more likely to follow through with purchasing your service.
  • Increased trust - if influencer marketing has taught us anything, it’s that humans tend to trust other humans. This is especially true for young consumers with 63% of Gen Z stating friends as their most trusted source for brand recommendations.

Remember - the first step in effective referral marketing is providing a high quality service. Customers need to feel passionate about your business to recommend it to the people they love most. Achieve that and you’ll gain a hoard of active referrers helping to promote your business and find new leads.

2. Networking and building relationships

While digital marketing is mostly done behind the screen - you still need to get out and about in the real world to get the best results. How? By networking and building relationships with other industry experts.

Begin by buying tickets to local events. Here you’ll be able to meet other business owners and bounce off their ideas. It might be a conference, business expo, trade shows or career day. In addition to meeting other people in the industry, you’ll be able to get to know potential clients.

Networking events like this can help you build a referral chain with local businesses. Plus, it will give you more insights on how to find clients for your digital marketing agency.

3. Leveraging social media

If you’re helping brands leverage social media to generate leads — it’s also a way to find clients for your digital marketing agency. Social media can help increase engagement and site traffic. Plus, using keywords in your captions and branded hashtags will boost your SEO strategy. It will help you show up higher in search results on social media platforms as well as dedicated search engines.

To find new clients, start by finding a few companies who you’d love to work with. Chuck them a follow across their social media channels and begin engaging in their posts. Liking and commenting a few times a week will get your name in front of them. By establishing this relationship, you can slide into their DMs with an element of familiarity. If you’ve already shown genuine interest and engagement in their brand - they’re more likely to listen to what you’ve got to offer.

When we say social media, we truly do mean social. Having a strong social media presence isn’t just about posting your brand’s content. It’s also about replying to customers’ comments, sharing other brands’ content and all-round being engaged in the digital space.

4. Content marketing

Just like social media, content marketing is something you’re probably telling your clients to do - and should definitely be leveraging yourself. It helps establish your business as a thought leader, attract new visitors to your website and provide value to your customers. Here’s some tips to creating high-quality content to showcase your agencies creative skill:

  • A catchy title - as the first thing people read, your title has to hook them. Keep it snappy and creative.
  • Make it easy to read - a good blog is a blog that’s easy to read. Use bold or italics for emphasis and scatter engaging visuals throughout the article.
  • Make it valuable - people read your blog as a way to get information. Make sure it showcases your expertise, creative skills and offers valuable insight for the reader.

Having high-quality content will also help generate high quality leads through targeted SEO. Long-form content is a powerful way to rank better in search engines through keywords. Having targeted keywords in your content will bring traffic to your website that’s actively looking for the solutions you provide.

5. Paid advertising

Paid advertising is one of the most effective ways to grow your digital marketing agency. It makes sure your content gets to the right people at the right time by showing up in search feeds and on social platforms. Some of the benefits include:

  • Paid ads are affordable, making it easy to build a budget and stick to it.
  • Ads are measurable and help you analyze your performance with real-time data.
  • Increases brand awareness by placing your service on popular channels such as Google and Facebook.
  • They can be targeted for a specific audience.
  • It makes it easier to rank higher on search engines.

Like content marketing, choosing the right keywords is integral for successful paid advertising. Curate a list of common phrases people might use to find your business. Utilize tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to find phrases most relevant for digital marketing agencies. Then, get to targeting specific audiences. Craft your ads to target a client’s location or product offering. Personalizing your ads to demographic data will help create more compelling ads that drive conversions.

Now you know how to find clients for your digital marketing agency

How to Find Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency

Congratulations! You’ve now got a toolkit on how to find clients for your digital marketing agency. By implementing these 5 strategies into your marketing plan, you’ll be on your way to finding high-quality leads and better clients. Remember - networking through other businesses and existing customers is an easy and effective way to start building your client base. Start today and see your digital marketing agency skyrocket!

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