Whether your advertising agency is new or established, learning how to get new clients is the key to a successful business.

The highly competitive and saturated nature of the advertising industry makes it more challenging for agencies to secure new clients. In modern day advertising, online networking tools allow clients to work with agencies from around the world. Easier access to advertising services encourages a more efficient and diverse industry. However, it also means advertising agencies need to upskill their client acquisition plan to stay ahead of their many competitors.

Why your advertising agency needs to know how to get new clients

No matter how high quality your work is, your advertising agency is not going to sell itself. New clients are the key to a consistent flow of revenue. Expanding sources of income will support agencies through unexpected hardships, and impress stakeholders.

Discover the best strategies for finding and securing new clients.

How to get new clients by knowing your target market

When planning how to get new clients, start by identifying and understanding your specific target market.

Many advertising agencies make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone when trying to get new clients. However, overly general campaigns are often not persuasive enough to secure clients, as they lack targeted messaging.

To avoid wasting time and money on ineffective advertising, learn how to get new clients by defining your agency’s target market and ideal client profile. Perhaps you have achieved success with clients in the wellbeing industry, or have employees with expertise in the start-up space. Consider your agency’s experience, resources, and future goals to outline ideal clients - these are your target market.

With a focus on your target market, you can develop your ideal client profile. Conduct in-depth research into the characteristics of their industry including demographics, revenue, and any past advertising strategies they’ve employed.

For a deeper understanding and better connection with your customers, create buyer personas. Buyer personas are specific profiles of fictional individual customers. Based on real data, it includes relevant aspects of their life, such as their job, personal problems, and motivations.

How to get new clients using online platforms and lead generation

To get an edge on competing advertising agencies, it’s important to learn how to best use online platforms to generate leads. Instead of chasing new clients with effective cold calls, a strong online presence attracts more leads in less time.

How to use new clients using your website

To create a strong online presence, every advertising agency should ensure their website is effectively generating leads. Websites are often the main point of sales for businesses. Optimizing your website with lead generation is the key to attracting visitors and converting them into customers.

To generate leads with your website, use strategies like search engine optimization (SEO). SEO strategies attract more visitors to your website by boosting its performance in search engines like Google. This may include adding keywords, blogs and links to your website.

Another way to generate leads is by optimizing your website’s user experience (UX). A website with optimized UX is seamless to navigate. It drives conversions by persuading visitors to take action, such as inquiring about services and re-visiting.

How to get new clients using social media

Social media is a great online platform for lead generation, as it allows direct communication with potential clients. Use targeted social media strategies like content marketing to attract and connect with your ideal clients. Plus, platforms like LinkedIn are perfect for keeping up to date with your target market and showcasing your agency’s achievements.

How to get new clients using networking

In the advertising industry, networking and building relationships is central to mastering client acquisition.

Use networking to meet new clients by attending industry events that attract your ideal clients. Remember, you don’t need to return home with new clients officially signed for the day to be a success. The trick is to leave a positive impression, get their contact information and build a mutually beneficial relationship with them. This will keep you front of mind for when those connections seek advertising services.

You can also network with new clients by leveraging existing clients. This could be through strategic partnerships, or client referral discount deals.

How to get new clients by showcasing past successes

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Close more deals by leveraging previous examples of what your advertising agency has achieved.

Case studies showcase what your advertising agency brings to the table. Usually available on the website of advertising agencies, case studies describe specific ways your work has achieved success for your clients. They allow clients an inside look into your approach, and evidence of your abilities.

Another popular way to showcase past success is through portfolios, which are a record of your company’s projects. Similar to case studies, portfolios help to build brand trust, and persuade potential clients to further explore choosing your advertising agency.

How to get clients by pitching your advertising agency

Secure new clients by preparing a memorable pitch that highlights the value of your advertising agency. Your agency will be competing against a multitude of competitors for the same campaign, so it’s important to learn how to make your pitch stand out.

A good pitch should:

  • Have an attention-grabbing introduction
  • Present unique ideas
  • Present market research
  • Use engaging visuals

Another expert tip on how to get new clients is creating the ultimate written proposal for potential clients. This document expands on your pitch, and is distributed to potential clients to refer to on their own time. Successful written proposals are highly-personalized for the clients specific needs and objectives. It should persuade target audiences with thorough research and original ideas.

Use lead nurturing strategies to follow up with potential clients. Using an appropriate channel, like email, these follow ups can be used to remind them of the key points of your pitch and encourage future communication. When in the process of closing a business deal, follow up communication should be timely and positive.

Here’s a quick recap of your top tips for how to get new clients:

  1. Figure out what type of client you need
  2. Take advantage of online platforms
  3. Network with potential clients
  4. Showcase your case studies and portfolio
  5. Master your pitching techniques
  6. Always follow up with potential clients

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